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Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is an art of storytelling and we are a team of photographers who capture the essence of beautiful moments that take place and give back a trove filled with the sweetest memories to look back on.

Bridal Portraits

A Bridal portrait reflects the personality and style of the bride. A wedding is the significance of the beginning of all new things to come. To portray the elegance and magnificence of the bride is no child’s play. Our team of photographers work to give you the best Bridal portraits to look back at and cherish the moments when you said ‘I do.’

Pre & Post Wedding Photoshoot

If you are looking for the best Wedding Couple photography then you needn’t look further. Our team of the best and creative photographers believes that a picture speaks volumes about a moment, especially when it’s your wedding. A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and every moment we freeze invokes a deep memory and a remembrance of the moment.

Baby Photography

Most people think that it takes a million snapshots in your photo album to tell your child’s story. But at OTG studios, we know that it’s about capturing the right frame at the right time. At OTG, we storyboard and conceptualize each shot to tell a story, one that is personal and special.

Candid Photography

The trend of Candid Wedding Photography has become a norm. Candid pictures authenticate natural reactions and bring in a sense of realism. People are caught being themselves. We click the people in their best emotions and bring out the feelings of the moment in the picture.

Modeling Photoshoot

Helping you get an array of looks for different marketing purposes. Starting from trials and training. Providing you high quality fashion and beauty shots for your porfolio and look books.